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Nowadays, you are receipt several KBC lottery Winner 2021 fraud calls. Raza failed to explain the origin of the image, hastily adding that someone could be misusing his KBC Lottery Winner 2021 number. If you don’t have credit to call us simply WhatsApp us. A man who answered the call and identified himself as Ahmed Raza said that this was the number for his residence in Multan, Pakistan, and he had nothing to do with any lottery business.But when we looked at the display picture for the number on WhatsApp, we found an image of KBC. Approximately Scammer’s goal to innocent persons for economical determination in further words the mobile lottery rip-off is back. For all details about the KBC lottery winner 2021, you can confirm from KBC head office number.

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No KBC Winner Name Lottery Amount Lottery Number Winner Mobile Number
1 Mr.Dhyan Chand 25,00,000 89918 807******007
2 Mr.Sreejesh Prattu 25,00,000 98800 901******000
3 Ms.Mansi Joshi 25,00,000 88110 787******439
4 Ms.Nuzhat Parween 25,00,000 00778 887******115
5 Ms.Pooja Vastrkar 25,00,000 0077 678******049
6 Manpreet Singh 25,00,000 1122 770******097

The modus operandi is a simple time-tested method used by fraudsters in other such online scams in the past – tempt the caller with cash reward and once the caller is hooked, seek a processing fee. We are advising you that do not reply to this sort of call or SMS. As well observe your name in the KBC winner list 2021 if you don’t have listed lottery any then call us and acquire your correct lottery number. Beloved callers of KBC lucky draw 2020 nowadays it is actually simple to be a part of KBC lucky draw lacking any registration. For avoiding this type of fraud, you can call the head office of KBC.

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Anyone which is a legal Indian citizen, currently residing in India, 18 years of age or above as on July 01, 2019. In conflict with Face book platform strategy, the KBC application does not gather or store up any individually restricted information. To enjoy the game, you need to abide by all the rules. No consumer statistics ever stored or conceded to any third party, or is ever used in the exhibit ads. kbc lottery winner. This would protect you and greatly reduce the chances of you entering an unfortunate situation. So KBC lovers, here we notify you, please save your account or mobile from hackers, if you playing KBC game online through your android mobile phone. Participants should be well sound of health and mentally fit fully, can register in KBC Prize winning Game Show.

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  1. Mr. Aarnik Sharma Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Lucknow winning date 07 November 2021.
  2. Mr. Anishk Kumar Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Kolkata winning date 03 November 2020.
  3. Ms. Kajal Sharma Lottery Winner of 25 lakhs City Chennai winning date 04 November 2021.
  4. Ms. Janaki Mohan Lottery Winner of 25 lakhs City Pune Winning date 04 November 2021.
  5. Mr. Malhar Manoj Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Delhi Winning Date 04 November 2021.
  6. Mr. Himanshu Singhania Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Ahamdabad Winning date 04 November 2021.
  7. Mr. Kartik Krishna Raut Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Surat Winning date 04 November 2021.
  8. Ms. Meghana Ravi Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Sri Nagar Winning date 04 November 2021.
  9. Ms. Gayathri Kumari Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Mumbai Winning date 04 November 2020.
  10. Mr. Jagan Deep Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City New Dehli Winning date 04 November 2021.

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Kaun Banega Caror Pati is a web submission. Official staff is available to guide you through phone line and whatsapp. Official staff is available to guide you through phone line and whatsapp.Participants should be well sound of health and mentally fit fully, can register in KBC Prize winning Game Show. In these applications, a mobile application, Facebook application, Android and mobile web podium included. KBC also make available their KBC Head Office Number for your reassure.

Sanoj Raj: The last season saw multiple crorepatis, the first being Sanoj Raj. However, he couldn’t answer the last question and went home with Rs 1 crore. The movie’s host, based loosely on the actual host Amitabh Bachchan, was portrayed by Anil Kapoor. There have been instances where fraudsters have made calls thorugh WhatsApp and made such claims. “The fraudster can use any country code, Pakistan, Dubai, Singapore etc.

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Everyone is just freaked out and plan to celebrate and watch the episode together. He reported the number straight away to us,” the ACP said. The 25-year-old had received a call from a +92 number . He is the son of national hockey umpire K N Dubey. Similar was the situation for Hafeez (name changed), a resident of Mangalhat. Even though she had not participated in any such contest, she gave away around Rs 14 lakh towards (what was claimed to be) GST and other taxes in different phases. Meaning that if they cross the threshold, they were guaranteed that amount of cash winnings. The young man is currently preparing for UPSC examination.

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In the fifth and sixth seasons, the contestants had to select a threshold or “Padao” themselves. They were allowed to choose any one question on the tree and designate that as a threshold amount. So far, police have recorded 11 such cases from across the city.

The 25-year-old, however, said he would be fully happy in his life only when he manages to pass his IAS exams. “There was a case a few months ago, wherein a housewife received a call stating that she had won a lucky draw in KBC. “They informed me that my number was selected in a lucky draw conducted by KBC and that I had won a cash prize worth Rs 25 lakh. Kapoor himself has appeared on a celebrity version of the show.

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   Sr. #    Head Office
KBC Official Numbers
1 KBC Head Office Number Mumbai +19188444111
2 KBC Head Office Number Kolkata +19188444111
3 KBC Head Office Number Dehli +19188444111
4 KBC All India Helpline Number +19188444111

Representative imageHYDERABAD: Any time you get a call from an unknown number telling you that you have won a lucky draw in Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), it would be wise to end the call immediately. To help them along the way, much like its counterparts, the contestant had a set of lifelines available for them to use. And I told them that I have lost all my winning amount and bought two cows. In a similar incident, a man gave away Rs 5 lakh after he was told he won lottery in KBC,” said Rachakonda ACP (cybercrime), S Harinath. FacebookTwitterLinkedinEMailStart a Conversationend of article

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Sushil Kumar added that most of these ventures flopped and he lost a lot of money. After making the payment, he was again asked to make further payments, towards other taxes and service charges. Cops say that while many who are aware of such scams have stopped receiving such calls, there are cases where victims have lost money believing the caller. He approached cops in February and registered a complaint.

An electrical engineer from Guna, Brajesh Dubey, was the big winner of the season. To claim the amount, they asked me to forward an amount of Rs 30,000 towards processing fee,” he said. While police keep receiving lottery fraud cases, the cybercrime department, of late has seen a rise in the number of KBC cases. In 90% of KBC lucky draw cases, bank accounts have been traced to Bihar,” said Cyberabad ACP (cybercrime), Srinivas Kumar.

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